Choudhary Plastic (CP) is a family  business and was established in the year 1995 in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. CP is engaged in plastic field and providing following services to its customers:-

1.       We manufacture all kind of plastic injection & blow molding parts. Our experts are capable of producing very complex parts with difficult materials.

2.       We purchase used plastic machinery (blow molding, injection molding, extruders, compressors and associated ancillary equipment) according to our customer’s demand. Then our experts do the necessary repairs, modifications, rebuilding and engineering works to upgrade them that match these machines with most recent (but very expensive) technologies.

Our prices are very moderate and we provide strong technical and quality support to all our customers. Our engineers are highly trained and our machines are controlled by advanced computers and automation systems.

We have invested in high quality, top of the range, branded machineries and equipments into our modern factory setup. This investment has resulted in us being more competitive through higher productivity, better efficiency, low down-times and extremely low numbers of rejects.

We believe that human resources are the most important assets of our company. We ensure that personnel in our various departments are qualified, properly trained and experienced to meet our and our customers' stringent demands in regards to quality, service and delivery.

This made us known throughout the industry (at national and international level) as a company of integrity with genuine concern for the welfare of our customers.

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